Sunday, 1 February 2015

How To Break a Person's Heart

Let me teach you how to break a person's heart
It's fairly simple, all you have to do is start.

This thing I'm teaching, it's like online gaming
Once you start the war, there's no room for pausing.

First things first, begin with a casual conversation
lure them into your secret mission.

Proceed with compliments and make them smile,
make them believe that you're worth their while.

Promise them loyalty, kindness and affection
make them feel special with your utmost attention.

Now that you've confirmed, they're attracted to you
it's time to proceed to phase Number Two.

Text them at midnight, your beautiful thoughts
tell them that you like them, you like them a lot.

Text them 'Goodnight beautiful' before you sleep
Once you do this, they'll be in it too deep.

Now comes the fun part, so listen closely
but be careful, my dear, it's going to get messy.

Once or twice, read their text but do not reply
make them wonder what went wrong, make them cry.

Try to act indifferent when they share in their secrets
plunge the knife in deeper, kick them where it hurts.

They are now very fragile, almost broken but not quite
To complete this mission, start an argument, pick a fight.

Tell them you are done with them, you're walking away
Now enjoy the sound they make as they beg you to stay.

Then tell them what they fear the most, tell them with a smile,
that you had never loved them, you're playing a game all these while.

You got what you want now, their lives will never be the same
Congratulations, collect your prize, you have won the game.

Now you may ask me, what do you do
If instead you're the one whose heart got broken into two?

I will teach you now how to mend a broken heart
it's fairly simple, all you have to do is start.


  1. i think its ill-informed to say that people break someones heart, for the fun of it as-is per described in this argument. humans by nature, tend to forget and cherish what they have and fancy for more. i believe its the psychological tendency of man to want more, thus creating room for invention, bigger house bigger family etc. what you are describing are the traits of a psychopath and i believe it doesnt apply to 90% of human. most cases of broken heart can be associated with the lover and the beloved mistakes. the lover, attaching unrealistical god-like complex to the beloved and the lover simply follows what human do best, finding a better, suitable mate.

    1. You totally missed the whole point of this poem. It's not meant to be taken literally and it's meant to be a sarcastic remark on people who take other people's feelings for granted.

  2. Such beautiful pain </3

    1. It wasnt beautiful when i felt it but yeah, i guess in retrospect, it is :)