Saturday, 19 November 2011


"If can choose what superpower i can have, it would be to have the ability to know the right things to say to anyone, anytime. If my words can be uplifting, then i wouldn't need to fly. If my words can make you fight harder, then i wouldn't need to be stronger. If my words can make you smile, then i wouldn't need anything else. :) " - Ahmad Bukhari, 2nd September 2011.

Has this ever happened to you, when people you really care about tell you their problems and they started crying and you just stand there (or sit whatever) and you're like don't know what to do?

You rack your brain trying to arrange all the right words to say to make a perfect sentence to solve their problems. And you hate yourself for failing to do just that. 

You see, when people tell you their problems, they don't really expect you to be a miracle worker and solve them. Their problems are no mere problems with obvious answers and solutions, with easy decisions and clear options.

They just want you to listen.

Be their confidant. 

But even knowing that won't make that guilt of not knowing what to say, go away. 

It's okay. Having that guilt means you care enough about them to not let them face the problem alone. So stand beside them, pat their back and say 'Hey, wanna know what my superpowers would be?'