Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Do's and Dont's in Taking SPM results.

I remember when it was my time to take my SPM results, roughly 2 years ago. I got a lot of tips, mostly bullshits I didn't listen to anyway. I hear a lot of what people have got to say about it, what people say i should do and what i shouldn't do and yadidi yadada blablabla.

But honestly, they were not being honest. 

So here I am writing about the real deal of taking any HUGE examination's results. SPM, in particular, because the result will be out tomorrow.

DO be nervous.
You will get a lot of 'Oh dont be nervous, sweetie-pie! You'll do great!' from family members. Whenever people say that to you, just smile and nod and continue on being nervous. Why? Because you're supposed to! It is okay to be nervous. I was scared shitless when i had to take mine. But there is a thin line separating being nervous from having a nervous breakdown. Keep yourself physically calm, but do not force yourself to kill those butterflies in your stomach or force your legs to stop shaking. Enjoy the momentary buzz of being nervous. It's half the fun. :)

DO NOT. Be a douchebag and say this following phrases to your friends:

'Oh why are you worrying? You'll surely get straight A's! You're smart!'

'You're worried? What about me? I'm the one who should be worrying about the results! Not you! I'm not smart like YOU!'

'Oh come on, you'll surely be the top-scorer!'

No matter how smart your friends are, do not belittle their nervousness or their worries by saying that they will surely do great. I know your intentions are good but this will only do more harm than good. You can talk all you want about the results AFTER getting it. 

DO NOT, if you are a senior, tell your juniors who are getting the results that SPM results are not important. Here's why: They are important. 

It may not determine how well you do in university - yes that is true. But it is important! Do not belittle your juniors efforts of trying their damnest in the exam. You remember when it was your time getting the results? At that moment, getting good results WAS important for you. It's the one thing you wanna do good more than anything in the world. Just because it won't be important later, does not mean it was never important in the first place.

Omg how many times did i use the word 'important'?

DO cry. If you have to. If you want to. Cry if you're happy or if you're sad. Just cry.After getting the results, a huge surge of emotion will tackle you like a sumo-wrestler and even the toughest of us cry. There's nothing shameful about it. 

DO take your time in cooling down. For those who got a result that you are disappointed with, you should take time in cooling down. I know a lot of people will be asking 'Hey what's your result?' and you may not necessarily want to tell them. You can either say gently that you don't wanna tell them or just smile and tell them anyway (but only if they're your friends. If they're some random busybody douchebags then by all means punch them in the face. I'm kidding. Haha. No im not.)

DO thank the teachers. Please, it's the least you could do. Be it your results are as good as you expected or aren't. Be nice, courteous and do smile when you thank your teachers. They have done so much to you. And while MOST teachers will ask you how is your result, do not be offended. They ask because they care (some by reflex) and teachers are people who love you no matter how well you did in the exams. Trust me. 

DO remember that there is no such thing as a BAD result. Your parents may think there is, your douchebag friends may think there is - but no. With whatever results you've got, remember there are always ways for you to make it in the next level.

DO NOT take a whole lot of time thinking how you should've/could've done better in your exam. Sure, you probably didn't have to play video games a week before the exam, you shouldn't had drunk coffee and pull an all-nighter a day before - but what's done is done. Don't dwell on it for too long. You have to keep moving.  

DO celebrate. But don't do it like it's the end of the world. Remember that your journey has not ended and there are more challenges to come. But do have fun. You deserve it. 

DO NOT get thick-headed. For those who did exceptionally well, do not be arrogant and think that you don't have to try as hard the next time any exam comes. Keep the momentum going. Just because you did great in SPM, doesn't mean you'll do well in University. I learned that the hard way. And be reminded that SPM results are based on the graph of results. Meaning the average will somewhat get a C so it depends on the total result of the entire nation. Don't get to cocky if you get an A. It doesn't necessarily mean that you're smart, it just means you're above average. 

DO, however, congratulate yourself for getting an A. I say don't get too cocky, doesn't mean you should start thinking that you don't deserve it. You deserve it. You got it for a reason. Pat yourself at the back. 

The thing is that I wish I had someone telling me this when I was getting my results. But I had to learn it the hard way. It's okay to think that your SPM results is the most important thing RIGHT NOW. But keep in mind that ultimately, it is just a stepping stone to something far greater in your future. 

All the best, beautiful people.


  1. Hmm should have posted that a few weeks earlier when I was getting my january AS results lol Great advice though, I shall keep it in mind when I come to collect my over all AS level results in the summer. :)

  2. I like how took a serious situtation, and actually sat down + took the time to put it into words + making jokes as you go along as well. These advice were amazing, and at least I have something to say to my junior generation when the time comes. Sometimes it is good to learn it the hard way; that way you can hold onto it longer.