Wednesday, 29 February 2012

He Pulled The Trigger. But You Loaded The Gun : Teen Suicide.

"Suicide is an emo thing." 
"Only quitters quit."
"They're just too weak, too childish... too spoilt. Come on, we all had it bad, we all were bullied at one point in our lives. Those bunch of crybabies killed themselves - there's nothing to it. I have no nonsense or whatnot, that it is anyone else's fault..."
"I thought it was just a phase... "
"We should have seen it coming..."
"To me, nobody is the victim here. Both society and the person who committed the suicide are at fault. But the biggest fault is done by that person himself/herself." 
"They're just a bunch of drama queens"

'Why on earth would I want to put the blame on myself for something I did not do? If those kids killed themselves, why should I be put on the witness stand? Why should I be questioned for the things I did not do? Why should I be questioned for the things i should have done to prevent it? Why should I answer for the mistake sof others?"

Here's why:

You were jealous of her. So you spread around rumors on the net. You convinced your friends to stay away from her, you said that she's a whore. You made up stories and told them to the whole school. You convinced herself that she would make the world a better place if she kill herself.

Yes, she cut herself and bleed to death... but you sharpen the knife.

Here's why:

He failed one of his exams. You said he's a disappointment. You said that now he has ruined everything. You said he should quit playing around, he should stop seeing his friends. You said that until his grade is nothing less than an A+, he won't get to go out. You said that you would disown him if he fail to get into medical school.

Yes, he swallowed those pills... but you presribed them. 

Here's why:

She was raped and abused. You said she deserved it. You said she wasn't covering up herself so she 'presented' herself to those men. You said the child she's carrying will live forever in sin. You forced her to abort.

Yes, she hanged herself... but you tied the rope.

Here's why:

Because when that girl were feeling insecure for not being skinny, you called her fat right in her face. You said she would never be pretty unless she's skinny. You told her straight out that she needed liposuction. That when she walks, the ground would shake.

Yes, she jumped off the building... but you pushed her.

Here's why:

Because that guy was confused. He liked other men. You called him gay, faggot, queer, homo. You pushed him around and you said he'll go to hell. You tried to change him because you say God won't love him until he does.

Yes he pulled the trigger, but you loaded the gun.

Ladies and gentlemen, to the untrained eyes, there is no way to set apart people who have suicidal tendencies and those who do not. Some people put up a brave face but inside they're crumbling to pieces.

No, they are not weak. Just because you may be stronger does not make them any weaker. Just because you would do something different in the same situation, that does not make them stupid for doing something else. Just because you survived the same thing that they had gone through, does not make their suicide and less sad.

You don't want to think that you might be responsible for someone's death. I understand. You want to think that you had lead a blameless life and you have never, ever bullied someone, or said something bad to other people - so naturally, you feel like you cannot be blamed for these suicides.

But you know what you did do? You ignore. You ignore the signs, the symptoms, the clues... you ignored the issue, you ignored by saying teen suicide is nothing but someone else's problem. Someone else will fix it. 

These people who committed suicide, wanted to live. But we made the world unlivable for them.

We judge. We point fingers. We forgot.

We fight. We argue.

We sleep, thinking we did the right thing.

Meanwhile another kid dies in his own hands.

Ladies and gentlemen, they killed themselves. But we watched. 

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