Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Love and Attachments

When I was younger, I watched a few documentaries on turtles and how they mate and lay eggs and etc. And I would always wonder what the mother turtles feel about leaving their youngs unattended. 

'Mom, don't the mama turtles love their babies?'

And I remember being confused when I first learn that most animals don't mate for life. I honestly thought that animals do get married and have their own little ceremonies and live in one family in their own little house. I blame Disney for this. Haha.

I remember being confused because I thought in order to make babies, you must love. And if animals love their partners, they would stay together till forever, right?

'Honey, look. The mommy turtle is crying.'

12 years later, it finally make sense. People say that turtles cry when they lay eggs because either a) it's painful or b) because of the sand.

But what if, it's because they love? Or they're scared? Or both.

Now that im 21 i finally realize that love does not equate to attachment.

Just because you love someone doesn't mean you have to be together.

And just because you're not together, doesn't mean you don't love them.

For all we know the mother turtles are constantly thinking about their 1000 babies... but life goes on. 

And animals mate with different partners for survival.

And sometimes being alive trumps being in love. Being attached to someone for life can be harmful for the survival of certain species.

I guess.

So... how are we different?

I guess I finally understood that love is never about physical attachment. But understanding it doesn't mean it gets any easier. 

Sometimes loving means letting go. If not for your survival, for theirs.

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