Saturday, 8 October 2011

Hope i can do this right :) *Fingers crossed*

Probably the first post step is the hardest eh?
I cant think of what to write. Hmm... this is harder that I'd imagined it to be. 

There's actually something i wanna write about, but given this is only my first post, i wanna keep the drama for the second, eh? ;)

Today i had a discussion with my friend about parallel universes (random much?) and she said there's a theory that somewhere out there, there's a parallel you. 

And for example, if parallel me (Let's call him Bob for convenience) knows how to play the violin, then if I (not Bob) decided to start playing a violin, i would find it much easier because somehow, non-scientifically, i kinda know how to play it. 

Interesting eh?

I don't know about you guys, but the idea of having another parallel me is disturbing.

There just can't be two awesomest dude in the universe. That's just impossible. It defeats the law of Physics. Or at least the Law of Awesome. *Making a mental note to write the Law of Awesome*

So I'm praying Bob would be less awesome. But awesome nonetheless in his way, in his own galaxy. He at least deserves that. 

I am done crapping for the night.
Until later, toodles doo 


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!!

    To be honest, I've thought about this before. Parallel worlds, I mean. It's a fascinating theory which I think has been discussed by scientists before but NOT the 'Law of Awesome' :P

    They say in this world there are 6 of you : same looks but perhaps living in different time zones, different countries.

  2. I have much to learn, master. ;)

    The 6 of me better not be better than me. Just saying. Hehe

    They say that the parallel-you will lead the life based on the road you did not take.

    Hey May, maybe somewhere out there, your twin (calling her Mary Anne) is an Animation Artist eh? ;)

  3. HAHA Mary Anne? Sounds like someone who's destined to be beheaded.

    Oh wait, that's Mary Antoinette.

  4. A parallel me huh ? Interesting. It's like I have my own natural clone.... can't wait to meet him ( can it be a different gender ? ) and share stories. Or I could just do experiments on " myself " ......

  5. And uh p.s. doesn't amature is spelled amateur ? I'm not sure whether it's typo error or you are just trying to be awesome , but just FYI ok ?

  6. Hahaha i really thought it's supposed to be spelled that way. Oh well thanks! :D